2500k vs 3570k (Specific questions inside)

Hey, guys!

I know there is a huge number of threads already covering this topic, including one created and that's still in the very first page, it's just because I didn't feel like hijacking his thread, and I have a very specific set of questions. Also, sorry for my english, I hope to be at least comprehensible.

I'm moving from my granpa Q6600 - RIP, my dear friend - to a new rig and I'm definitely getting either the i5 2500k or 3570k. Thing is, in my country the i5 2500k costs about $285 while the 3570k costs $320. Importing is not an option because we must pay an additional 60% of the product price in taxes!! I'd be eternally glad if you guys could send a SEAL squad to bust some caps on all of our s***** bureacrauts. [/rant]

I'm leaning towards the 2500k because it's not only cheaper, but I loved all the raving reviews on newegg. BUT, I have also seen a lot of people saying that the 3570k should be considered because of more effective OCs, and also for the sake of being the newer technology.

Some things to consider:

- I don't plan to game on it at all anytime soon, maybe some old games, but nothing fancy until GTAV comes out. I'll use the integrated GPU for a while. Before it come out, I'll probably acquire a cost-effective, mid to high end card.

- I'll use it specifically for multiple virtual machines, 3 running simultaneously at most. Also, I'm intent to OC both processors because it's just a too good opportunity to pass by, but only to a safer then safe level (I wouldn't raise the voltages on the 3570k, for example, and wouldn't bother to raise the 2500k over 4.2~4.5Ghz). I'd be glad if you guys could tell me if the differences on power consumption on 24/7 should be relevant.

- I'm not sure if other specs matter, but I'll be acquiring a set of 2x4GB @1600 (still undecided), a good mobo for OC but also looking for cost effectiveness, and I'll be using the HD3000~4000 for a while as mentioned before.

Sorry for taking too long guys, I must stress that I'm very insecure here about which one to pick... Peace
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  1. I think 2500k suits better for your needs. Better bang for buck, if that's what you want.
  2. The one thing better about the 3570k is the HD4000 though, it's very underestimated as i can play almost anything i throw at it. i'm just using the IGPU until christmas when i get a 670 or 680 etc but it's surprised me an awul lot!
    bf3 multiplayer 720p high settings 30+fps, gta iv 720p medium at the same fps
    happy hunting :)
  3. 3570K Ofcourse for the HD 4000 if you play at 1280x1024 u can play almost any game med/high so yes i agree with alex ^
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