AMD FM2 socket CPU vs AM3+


Just a brief question, I see AMD have a different range of processors now that seems to be alongside the AM3+. In my previous rig, I had a phenom 1100T, now superseded by bulldozer etc.

My question then, is that there A8 processors that fit on the FM2 socket better or worse than the AM3 lot? The motherboards seem very cheap compared to those sporting AM3 sockets.

Just a question I have been meaning to ask, though I long since defected to intel.
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  1. FM2 x86 performance normally lower tham AM3 x86.
    They are ideal for somebody that doesn't need top end cpu performance, but a multi-core with decent integrated video.
  2. The FM2 chips are slower than the AM3+ ones, but they aren't really meant to reach or surpass them. After all they host a relatively powerful GPU that also uses the socket for data transfer, so that kind of limits the potential CPU power that can be output :)
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