Large side fan case flow non-conventional

hi guys

I have joined to ask this but hopefully will be around for a while!

I have built my first system, specs

i5 3450
gigabyte Z77 d3h
8gb 1600 mhz ram
1tb hdd
500w psu
gfx card to come in a bit (will be a 6790 as i dont intend to do hardcore gaming!)

i have an icute coolive case, which i know is about 5 years old but someone gave it to me and i decided to use it. it works well with a large 220mm side fan pushing air in.

i have mounted two 80mm arctic f8's at the rear to exhaust.

my question:

the psu is front-mounted and front exhaust. what i have done is mount a 3rd F8 to exhaust. this gives me a pressure difference of about 20CFM (large intake at 120CFM, F8's at 100 total)

now this goes against convention, but in my mind the front exhaust balances the air flow along with the psu pushing out the front as well

im getting system temps of 25C on idle but my CPU is idling at 44 (on turbo in bios)

I dont have an o/s yet as it should arrive soon.

any thoughts on this setup and whether i should change the front fan to intake?

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  1. why not try it and report back?
  2. It's an interesting case. I see your conundrum. PSU heat blown out the bottom-front to be sucked in by a conventional front intake directly above it.

    I see no problem leaving the front F8 in an exhaust configuration. If it's bothering you with noise, take the front F8 out. Your system with its giant side intake and dual real exhausts, cpu cooler and gpu fan(s) will be fine by themselves. You won't be making much heat with that setup. But if the front F8 isn't bothering you noise-wise, leave it in there since it will help to keep the system from possibly sucking the PSU exhaust and will keep that HDD cool.

    Either way, don't worry too much about staying conventional, that case is already pretty non-conventional. It'd be great in the Winter for my feet! ; )
  3. Thanks for the replies everyone!

    Larkspur - I agree with your points. My view is that the flow is balanced and the front fan deals with psu/hdd heat and two rears with cpu. the GPU may not have direct exhaust but the model i plan on getting pushes air out the PCI slot at the back.

    I left it running for 2 hours this morning just in bios. the cpu (turbo'd to 3.5) sat at 43 and the case at 24.

    i realise cpu may drop once in windows etc but seems ok, and case is very low since the room was about 18 degrees.

    i will try it with fans off and see if it makes a difference to temps.

    thanks again all!
  4. You could also try reversing the fans so that the rear fans and side fan intake, and the front fan/PSU both exhaust.
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