Bottleneck with 9800GT for following system

CPU :AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+
PSU: 500W
HD: WD 320GB
22" LCD

Is there will be bottleneck ?
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  1. It depends on what you are using the system for. These are all older components, the processor and motherboard especially. If you are planning on playing games, this will not handle most mid range games and will not handle demanding games. For internet use (mini games, youtube, mail, etc) it will be fine, maybe a little sluggish as it only has 2GB of ram so your integrated graphics will be taking away from that RAM. If you are using it as a basic home theatre PC it should be fine for that. I would suggest spending 300 bucks on a Phenom II X4 quad core (90 to 120 bucks)with a lower to mid range motherboard (90 -120) with a low end dedicated graphics card (HD 6450 = 50 bucks) for a computer with much better performance. That way you can reuse all of your other components liker your case and power supply and so on. Your main bottlenecks though are your 2GB of RAM and your CPU.
  2. That board supports phenom x4's, i would advice on getting that, will be a HUGE performance increase, also, get 4GB's of ram (DDR2) and this system would be able to play most if not all games with a better graphics card.
  3. for newer games it will happen the cpu will bottleneck ur gpu in games which uses cpu more then gpu:)better upgrade ur system
  4. I mean games like FIFA 13 Worms Revolution...
  5. currently I have GF 8500GT and I run FIFA 13 on low settings...
    my question is If I will available run FIFA 13 on max settings with 9800GT without problems or lags because of the bottleneck
  6. ok
  7. The 9800 GT is still a decent card if you don't expect anything amazing compared to newer cards however it is much better than an 8500 GT. Actually the most demanding games list the 9800 GT as the minimum requirement and many console ports list it as the recommended so that card is still useful.
  8. for games like FIFA COD not will be bottleneck on medium/high settings?
  9. alex200814 said:
    for games like FIFA COD not will be bottleneck on medium/high settings?

    For those type of games a 9800 GT with your hardware would be able to decently handle it.
  10. It wouldnt bottleneck.Without problems the cpu is dual core and have 2 threads,2mb cache he will handle without problems the 9800gt,and upgrade ram to 3gb or 4gb for better perfomance.No bottleneck!
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