I only get video when my video card is removed

hello, i started a new build (first time)

asus p8h67-m pro
xfx radeon hd 6850
i3-2125 sandy bridge
antec 300
WD blue 500 gb
ocz 550w power supply
corsair xms3 1600 8gb (2x4gb)

my problem is when the video card is in, i get no video input on my monitor. when i removed the video card, i got a message on my screen that i needed to pick a boot device. also i got 2 beeps from my case speaker both short but different pitched. can anyone help me with these problems please?
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    Well were are you connecting your monitor to, the video card or the motherboard? As for the beeps it might be your motherboard saying it has been tampered with (removing video card). You have to connect the cable to the video card then go into the BIOS and choose PCI-e 2.0 x16 as your primary display adapter
  2. wow thanks that solved it! got video once i hooked an hdmi cable to the video card. thanks a lot!
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