Correct Disc Compat. for Matshita DVD-RAM drive?

Ok, so I'm not very tech-savvy and have been dealing with this issue all morning.

I recently bought some DVD-RWs and tried using Windows DVD Maker to burn a disc, but it kept giving me an error after several tries. I had the same issue with Nero. After hunting around the internet for advice on this issue, I'm wondering if the DVD-RW format is incompatible with my disc drive?

It's a Matshita DVD-RAM UJ890ES ATA Device. I read somewhere that a DVD-RAM recordable disc exists, but I've never heard of it.

In short, exactly which disc format am I supposed to be using? Can I use DVD+RW??

Any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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  1. Ok, a link to buy DVD-RAMs. Is that a 'Yes, you can use only DVD-RAM discs' or what? I'd appreciate a bit more insight, if at all possible. I'm able to use CD-R discs just fine...
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