AMD Phenom II x3 710 2.60GHz Bottlenecking?

I'm about to buy a Sapphire HD 7770 Vapor-X OC edition and i have a AMD Phenom II x3 710 2.60GHz.
Will my CPU bottleneck in the relationship? I was thinking about overclocking the 2.6 to 3.4GHz but i'm afraid i will mess something up... So i better run these two on stock, but if the cpu will bottleneck, i'll find a way to OC or unlock the 4th core if it's not defective and get better cooling. I also have Dual Channel memory 2x4GB DIMMs 1600MHz, i hope the memory won't represent a problem.

Just say if it will bottleneck or not. Thanks!
And if ti will, tell me what to do to fix it(OC, Unlock 4th core or buy a Phenom II x4 or x6)
The top priority is to not buy anything except a new coolant if OCing needed.
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  1. nope it wont bottleneck the 7770. you have enough memory to compensate for the bottleneck.
  2. be fine, i would unlock the 4 core tho, extra is more.
  3. I might do that but there aren't good deals around for the 7850.. I'm just running on a 1366x768 screen so i don't need to get a better.. I mean sure it would be future proof then but its a price difference of about 70 bucks in my country. I will also get 2x4GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600MHz, maybe unlock the 4th core and i should be ready for BF3... I hope i will get good frame rates(45+) on ultra with this res. But that is a good idea with the 7850 and for Christmas i might find a good offer for a 7870(that's my goal).

    Anyway thanks for replying!
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