Assistance needed for a $600-700 budget gaming PC

Approximate Purchase Date: Before October 2012.

Budget Range: $600-700 (closer to $600 would be preferable)

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, internet, movies.

Parts Not Required: keyboard, mouse, power supply, monitor. I'll be cannibalizing the power supply (ATX-CW500wp4 12v), Speakers, and DVD Lightscribe drive from the old PC, which are still working. Hard Drive is also not required (will be using the 250GB Western Digital Caviar Blue WD2500AAJS from the old PC).

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Newegg or Amazon. Willing to try other places, but not Tigerdirect.

Country: United States

Parts Preferences: Mid-tower ATX case, Windows 7 Premium 64-bit, Intel Core i5-2500k CPU, 8GB RAM

Overclocking: Maybe (no plans to do it)

SLI or Crossfire: Maybe (no plans to use it)

Monitor Resolution: Planning to use my 42" Plasma TV for a monitor, so 720p is the max on it. I think that's 1280 x 720. Otherwise, I'd be using a 19" Samsung monitor at 1440 x 900.

Additional Comments: I am trying to build a new PC, now that my previous one died. I'm hoping to play SWTOR on a medium to high graphical setting (not necessary to go to maximum settings, though it would be nice). The parts will be purchased a few at a time, not all at once, so I do expect that there'd be some variation in the pricing, which I've accounted for in my budgeting plans. I don't plan on overclocking anything (but anything can happen, I suppose). The main thing I'd like to get is the Intel Core i5-2500k CPU, but I'm willing to go with AMD if it proves feasible for the build. If the i5-2500k is part of it, the graphic card can wait a bit, since it can at least handle medium graphical settings on SWTOR, from what I've seen on youtube, and the cash can be applied to other parts.

One thing I should mention is that this is my second build ever, with the first being the previous PC that's now dead, so something that doesn't destroy fingers when installing components would be very much appreciated.
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  1. I've spent some time tonight to go ahead and find some deals on newegg, though I will admit that I'm a bit lower than the $600 that I'd set for a goal.

    I don't have a graphics card chosen, and I also haven't chosen anything along the lines of a non-stock CPU heatsink/fan either. Any help would be appreciated, and suggestions/replacement ideas would be good as well. Again, nothing has been fully decided yet (I think the case and the power supply should remain, but that's just me). Turns out my power supply has had issues according to the reviews on Newegg (an old Apevia PSU, which I bought & installed about 3 years ago), so it might be time to get a different one, I suppose.

    The case and PSU are combo'd at $74.98, and the CPU and Mobo are combo'd at $301.98. Granted, there's no way to know if they'll remain combo'd when I finally manage to scrape up enough money to buy them later, but I'm hoping they'll remain around until I can purchase them. Even if that's not possible, it's not a bad price for what's listed already in the wishlist.
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