Why intel processors doesnt support ddr3 2000

hi guys ,
i am building a new pc , i am buying the i7 3770
so i was thinkin and i want to buy ddr3 2000mhz ram sticks
i saw in Intel website that any processors doesnt support ddr3 2000 ram memorys
only 1333 and 1600

somebody can tell me why any processors doesnt supports 2000mhz ?
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  1. Why don't you ask Intel? You should be able to access tech support on their website. Amd doesn't support 2000 ram either, unless you overclock the cpu.
  2. Officially RAM support tops out at DDR3-1600 for Ivy Bridge. So if you get to a store, buy a motherboard, Core i5-3570K and DDR3-2000 modules, they'll run at DDR3-1600 by default to avoid errors and to ensure compatibility - something Intel's support team doesn't want to be saddled with. With most boards that support those high speeds, you can adjust the XMP profile and reboot and everything will have been done for you. Sometimes an overclock is needed to support higher XMP profiles, but it should be fine.
  3. Possibly because theres just not much of a point to it. Its been benched, these higher clocked RAMs cost tons more than your average 1333 or 1600, and don't really perform any better, both in practical performance and "benchmarkable" performance. The memory controllers on Intels chips are kind of sensitive anyway it seems. They don't like higher voltages than 1.5 and they don't like heavy overclocks.
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