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3 screens in eyeinfinity showing the same thing????

try again..... Real new here!!
ok I have an hd6870 and running 3 asus monitors 23.6''.
I beleive I have setup eyeinfinity correct,,,however when I start a game I get the exact thing on all 3 screens.....Tried everything I know!
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    What is the resolution set to in the in-game menu? is it set to 5760x1080? (assuming you're running your monitors at 1080) If it's not, it will repeat the screens over each monitor. But before you start a game, is your desktop in spread over 3 screens or is it repeated over the 3 screens? If it's the latter, it sounds like CCC hasn't been configured to run eyefinity.

    Worth a read is this eyefinity set-up guide by hugostiglitz.

    Good luck.
  2. :bounce: WOW!!!!! THAT WAS IT!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!

    Looked everywhere and could not find that answer!!! So again thank-you!!!

    Now if I may be a little more newbie!!!!! Tried several games as I was so excited to have it working!!!!

    Problem was on RAGE>>>
    The middle screen showed little flashes just every so often,,,,,and just in the middle of the screen?????

    my setup:
    gigabyte d3 b3 motherboard
    i5 2500k cpu
    16 gig ram
    hd 6870 2gig pcie
    3 asus 23.6'' widescreen monitors....

    (side note....built this myself)
  3. You're welcome. Pleased you're up and running, good isn't it? :D Sorry I can't help with RAGE, although I do recall something about RAGE having some rendering problems when it was launched, it may be related to that. But you may find something on the widescreengaming boards They also have fixes for older games to run at eyefinity resolutions (if you're comfortable with changing your game files)

    Good luck, and happy fragging.

    PS. Don't forget to pick 'best answer' lol.
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