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DisplayPort Monitor not working.

Hello, I recently purchased 3 monitors ASUS VW246 and a displayport active adapter. All the monitors work fine if I connect them 2 at a time. But when I try for the third monitor with the displayport adapter, the monitor will show the desktop for a second or two then just go black. Is there a setting I am suppose to do?

Currently running 5850CF. Two monitors hooked up with DVI, third DVI -> DP. Can't get the third on to stay on for more than 2 seconds.
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  1. All the monitors must be connected to the primary card, are you doing that?
  2. Yes, all are going to the same card.
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    You mentioned you use a DVI->DP on the 3rd monitor. Did you mean DP->DVI?

    Also, did you go into windows "screen resolution" and add the 3rd monitor to the extended desktop before you went into CCC to add them to eyefinity? (I'm not sure this is required with AMD, but it is with Nvidia).
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