Random shutdown, GPU fan @ full speed, Now, not starting again.


My PC is custom build and here are the specs

intel core i3 530 cpu
intel dh55tc motherboard
8 gb ram (2 + 2 + 4gb)ddr3
hd 5830 1 gb gpu
corsair cx600 v2 smps

So the thing is these weird random shutdowns these days, whenever i regular work on my PC basically, my pc shuts down itself, first monitor goes off then gpu fan goes to 100% speed (maybe more than 100%), HDD led goes very dim, power led stays off, led inside motherboard stays on. To shut this thing down i have to forcefully cut its power source.

The main thing is my PC doesn't even starts again after a shutdown like this, when i press the power button to start it again, all the components inside cpu starts for about a second then goes off and hdd led stays on but very dim.

To start this thing i have tried a lot of things including cleaning up the mess of wires, cleaning up dust, removing and re-placing the ram, replace sata cables. At last, i thought it is my smps which has given up (bought this april 2012) but i tested it with hair pin test and it worked perfectly (connected atx green wire to any of the black ones).

The trick which worked for me is that, i removed atx connector from motherboard than pushed the power button(i know it won't start) then turned off the power and re-plugged the atx connector to its place, now my PC started like before after pressing the power button.

Now i want to ask the expects what do u think is the problem? Is it hardware related (My GPU or Motherboard) or some software incompatibility? I am asking about incompatibility because i am using windows 8 release preview since 4 months, i never had such an issue with windows 7 or any previous version of windows.

Now this problem is expanding, whenever i shutdown my PC, it is putting me on the same situation like when that random shutdown happens. I have to always remove atx plug from motherboard to start my machine. Please tell me any permanent solution to this. How do I know if my gpu or motherboard is bad or some other hardware is faulty?

Please help me if u know anything about this problem!!!!!

Thanks in advanced
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  1. Make sure all components are in properly, take out the battery and put it back in (resets the BIOS) try turning it back on. If it happens again try using another PSU see if that helps. If none of this helps repost maybe someone else will have a better idea.
  2. You need to check each component separately.
    Try to run the computer without the Graphics card at first, using the on board graphics.
    Then try with one stick of RAM, etc.

    The last change that you made that does not make your PC turn on is the likely problem. That does not mean that its the only problem though, just a probable one.
    If all else fails, then you'd have to get your PSU checked.
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