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I have had loads of problems with this card. Basically the card blue screens (but not a BoD, rather just one with lines in it) sometimes when i try to full screen youtube videos. I tried updating the drivers but it makes things worse in games (games become slower). I have tried everything to sort an array off issues with this card, I even sent it back to the purchaser to check if it was faulty but it came back as they said nothing was wrong with it.

My setup:
Antec Earthwatts 500w PSU
Gigabyte p35c ds3r mobo
Intel Core 2 duo e6750 cpu
Asus EA6850 gpu
8gb ddr3 RAM
Windows 7 pro 64 bit

Steps I have already taken:
-updated all drivers
-Installed new fan on cpu to lower average temp (i got desperate)
-Clean reinstalling of windows twice...
-Upgraded ram

Please Help!
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  1. I'm running a Sapphire 6850 off the Antec 380, so I'd not think you'd have a problem there. These sound like artifacts from memory. Are you overclocking, either in the bios or AMD overdrive? try disabling overclocking in both places. If you have the Vision software, try running the auto test just to see what you get. Both options are under the Performance tab for AMD overdrive. Note the auto test brings back very aggressive clocks, so you should tune down at least 100 for good stability.
  2. Thanks for your responses.

    I would have to agree with John that the psu isn't the problem as it meets the minimum requirements and other support this http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/333021-10-will-antec-earthwatts-500w-hd6850-6870

    As for overclocking, no it has not been overclocked, though i see where you are coming from as i saw similar problems with an overclocked hd6770.

    Could this be related to my hard drive? Because when i reinstalled my old gcard to add stability back into my comp (x1950pro) I have a series of problems with reinstalling the drivers . Ones i have never seen before are there any ways to attach images to these posts as i can show you the screen shots.
  3. all maker have test tools for there hard drive if you cannot find it post the name and model of hdd
  4. Hi,

    Sorry i can't find these test tools. It is a Samsung hd322gj 320gb

  5. Hey,

    I took all the tests apart from the advanced one and the hard drive passed them all. I also did a disk drive check through windows and it found no abnormalities.

    These are the stages of my driver installations:

    After clean windows reinstallation original driver(for hd6850) installed properly- however I experienced this blue screen error.

    I then updated the driver, however the first attempt failed, reason not specified. (application install package failed)

    Second attempt and updating the driver worked, however games ran slower and appeared jerky

    I then reinstalled my old gcard(x1950 pro)
    On the first reinstall it installed with errors (“XML parsing errors not well-formed”)

    When I finished installation it did not ask for a reboot, so I had to carry one out manually.

    The odd thing is the right resolution was set and games worked however the catalyst control did not boot. The following error message came up

    “The application failed to start as the side by side configuration is incorrect. Please see application event log for more detail”

    So I then uninstalled and reinstalled the driver once more. Again no boot prompt however games work, but now catalyst control centre won’t open and there is no error message.
  6. I have a Sapphire 6850 and had 400 watt supply and had issues. Got 600 watt and no issues.
  7. check for windows update it everything is ok,get the driver to download on the desktop then clean all the old driver and install from desktop also see if you got net famework 4.0 for ccc to work when the install is don e you should see it by right cliking on the desktop
  8. Check for windows update i suppose you mean through device manager? I did that it has now updated it, hopefully this should sort the problems.

  9. we will see when you use it
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