How powerful PSU do I need?

Hello, my old 580 W PSU has just broken , so I'm looking for the new one. I would get another 580 W PSU, but my friend suggested that I don't need that powerful. Here are my computer specs (pc) :
geforce gtx 460;
intel i5 2500k 3.3ghz quad core.
8gb DDR3 ram
gigabyte z68m d2h motherboard
Logitech G11 gaming keyboard;
Logitech G500 gaming mouse.

I believe i told everything.. If I miss something, let me hear that.
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  1. Try This

    and add 100W on for future upgrading
  2. Im not that much advanced computer user, so I dont know what to write in certain fields of site. So I would like other options to know what PSU do i need.
  3. Based on what you have posted that build uses around 335 watts, I would say a good power supply for you would be around 400-450 watts for future upgrades. Also do not forget that as a power supply ages it loses some of its initial wattage. In the estimation of your power supply I did not include your DVD drive which uses around 20-30 watts at load, your hard drive uses about 15 watts. Fans also do use wattage but are very minimal in terms of consumption.

    Here are some recommendations:
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