Razer Naga does not work after Sleep Mode

So I purchased a Razer Naga because I loved the idea of 12 buttons right on the side for my thumb and since I work at home and pretty much just sleep, eat, and work around this computer I only put it on Sleep Mode. But when I moved my mouse around the next day it wouldn't start up. So I unplugged it and took it back got another one. Same problem occurred. Check to see if it would wake the computer from standby and it was checked. So then I moved on to updating the Firmware. Problem still occurred. So I'm wondering is this Razer's fault or perhaps my Motherboard not being power up enough? I do have a 5 year old power supply on my high end computer that's 550 watts due to my 1000 watt dying.
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  3. Ya I only use the Naga when playing MMOs. So when I plug in the Naga, the Synapse program never recognizes it. I guess it could be that I somehow disabled when my computer checks for new devices, but I really doubt that because otherwise I wouldn't have been able to use it without installing drivers for that and my Razer Anansi keyboard.
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