Radio streaming problem

Few days back I was using my Windows Media Player (WMP) to play BBC radio 1 and it was streaming perfectly.

After I re-formatted my computer yesterday, I'm starting to have this lag/stop issue where the music just stops for a second and continue playing. I'm pretty sure its not the buffering problem cause it consistently stop for 1 second or 0.5 second every 10 seconds or so making it pretty irritating for me. Like I said , its totally not the buffering problem, I'm pretty sure.

I tried using other radio through WMP and it streams perfectly, without the stopping.

When I play it off the BBC website with the Adobe flash player plugin , it didn't have this problem.

Since this is the case , I'm wondering if its the BBC radio 's fault as its obvious that my WMP is fine and my onboard sound is not faulty. Is it the company's streaming problem through WMP? Radio was working fine the whole of this year until now.

Maybe someone can help me out?
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  1. Well the only people who can answer this would be BBC, but as long as it plays fine in WMP you should be good to go :)
  2. Nvm seems to be fixed after I re-install WMP 12
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