47 Days left, should I upgrade step-up or wait it out a bit more?

Ok so I have 47 days left to take advantage of EVGAs step-up program.

I purchased the GTX 580 3GB card ( ). Now I have the option to step up to the GTX 680 2GB card (currently only this one- Now, I have just recently gotten into the building computers game, however I do not know much about this card. I plan to continue to research to get a better grasp but I wanted to ask the community. Furthermore, the limited lifetime warranty I have with my current card becomes a 3 year warranty. Now I have been waiting to see if they will add a 680 (possibly with a 4gb vram) with a lifetime warranty, but as I said I only have 47 days left. Not sure if its worth it to go for this card currently. Granted I would only be paying 20 dollars difference.

Anyways, I am merely trying to get your opinions on it because I trust it a little bit better then my small tech level. Any questions just ask.
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  1. I'm just wondering how the program works exactly. Do you get to trade in your card for credit towards a newer card? If that is the case, and you only have to pay $20, then that is a very good idea, considering the 680 is the fastest they have right now.
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    So you're saying that for 20 more dollars you can step up to a GTX 680? If that were me I'd jump on it, even if I'm trading a lifetime warranty for a three year. In three years you'll probably be upgrading the card anyway (Well, I don't know about you. I probably would be). The 680 runs cooler, uses less power and increases performance substantially. If it were me, I would be all over it. Just my 2 cents.
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