A Better Deal On A Gaming Laptop Than This?

I'm talking about the price/performance ratio, while still being in the gaming computer range. I want to play with detailed graphics at high frame rates (games like Deus EX, L.A. Noir, GTA IV, Crysis, etc.). I know this laptop can handle all these titles at either high or medium settings, but is there a better deal than this?


And yes, I am a Sam's Club Member.
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  1. Yes, Lenovo Y580, $300-400 cheaper.
  2. Pyree said:
    Yes, Lenovo Y580, $300-400 cheaper.

    Thank for the reply, but I'm not convinced that this is a better deal; the 670m and extra gigabyte of vram (though it won't help too much in games), along with a 17.3" 1080p screen, more ram (for what that's worth) and the option for dual hard drives on the laptop in RAID 0 or 1 seem, to me, worth an extra $400.

    Also, since I can buy the Asus laptop from a physical store, I can return it just as easily if things go awry.

    I'm not saying that I'm fully set on that Asus laptop, either, just that, in comparison to what you just introduced, I'd prefer it.
  3. The GTX 670m is ever so lightly faster than the GTX 660m. Also, get SSD and ODD bay caddy for HDD, not RAID HDD. Unless you are going to RAID SSD.
  4. the price is about normal as its about the same as a Sager NP9170 and that price on the laptop you have is only 16$ cheaper than the one on xoticpc, so the sale isnt much of a sale.
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