NVIDIA GeForce GT 240 | Wavy Moving Lines

I have desperately been trying to fix this for 2 whole days, and haven't had any progress. I've literally read around 50 threads on how to fix this, and have had 0 luck.

I don't know if it's drivers, or the monitor, or something different. I only see the lines when windows is running (I do not see the lines in BIOS). The lines somewhat change when I change the refresh rate, however they always come back (and they're always there no matter how small, or large the lines are - they differ).

(It is sorta like a fuzz, but they're lines moving everywhere)
(If I put my desktop background as a darker gray, the lines sorta look darker purple if you pay close attention)

I have provided an image, that hopefully will help you find the solution: http://i47.tinypic.com/161ghep.jpg
(the image is taken from a cell phone because I wasn't sure if the lines would show if I took a screenshot, seeing that I do not know the problem)

I have also provided an image which shows my specifications of my computer: http://i46.tinypic.com/20hm2yp.png

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
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  1. Any help? In desperate need
  2. Bump once again! C'mon, noone has any possible solutions?
  3. probably cause your ram or gfx card is overheating
    try to replug your ram and gfx card to see.
  4. If you did any overclocking, revert to default settings. Have you tried a different monitor?
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