No post when I add a new PCI video card to my setup

I was at Microcenter today and saw a GT 430 in PCI. I looked it up real quick on my phone and it seemed like a decent cheap card. I thought cool I could put that in one of my empty pci slots.

I got home put it in the bottom slot and the system wouldn't boot. Everything powered on, but the monitor stayed blank. I moved it up a slot and the same thing. I even tried moving the monitor cord down to it...nothing. I tried it again to watch the digital readout on the board and it stops on code 0d. There is no reference to 0d in the manual or that I can find on the internet...

Did I get a bum card or am I missing something? It was the only one in the store :(

I'm running:
Biostar TA990FXE Mainboard
Athlon II x4 635
8gigs of 1600 ram
ASUS gtx 550 ti
gt210 (both PCIe 2.0)
Powered by an OCZ 750w (continuous) power supply
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  1. I've had the same problem with the same card (I'm assuming you have the Zotac one). You might want to un-install the current drivers.

    Also, are you trying to run a 550Ti, GT210, and a GT430 at the same time?
  2. I could try that, but I think they all use the same driver. Yes I want to run the cards simultaneously. Not for video the extra cards are for number crunching... The 550 ti is the only one running my displays.
  3. Just tried to uninstall the drivers and put the card in... same results same code 0d...
    Did you get yours to work or did you give up on it?
  4. Mine is kind of a longer story. I was trying to use it as a Physx for my main tower, then I got a new motherboard and it wasn't needed. Then I received (for free) an old school Dell Dimension 1100, which only has PCI slots. Convenient right? I just stuck the card right in there, and got a display and it booted. When it booted into Windows though, it did not show the screen, meaning I probably have to uninstall the drivers and restart and stuff. I haven't used the computer much because I'm waiting on a new power supply and a new heatsink.
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