My computer freezes whenever I boot an OS.

Hi, I built a computer, and tried putting Windows Vista on it. When I first turned it on to boot it, it got to the select language screen, and froze. I decided to download Ubuntu instead. I downloaded it on to a flash drive and put it in my computer. I turned on the computer, got to the screen where you choose to try or install it, and chose to install it. After a few seconds the connection between my monitor and computer stopped working. The screen went blue and a box that said HDMI No Signal appeared. Wat do?
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  1. Obviously a hardware problem. Here, let me move this thread to a place where you'll get better answers.
  2. This topic has been moved from the section Linux/Free BSD to section Systems by Amdfangirl
  3. the first thing to check will be your RAM voltage and timing .

    I assume you can enter BIOS/ start up?
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