7970 low fps or game bug ?

i have i7 950 and 6gb ram ...
asus p6t se with corsair 850 wat...

on battlefield 3 when i play on nonkarkand large maps .. like caspain border , Kharg Island or any big map ..i get like 45-60 with v sync on even when im on chopper and face whole map .... there is nerver dips below 45 ....

but on karkand maps like Sharqi Peninsula ...in chopper i got sometimes like 30 fps dips ;/

is this game bug or just my 7970 is so weak ? i run metro on 37-60 fps ... crysis 2 runs smooth and any other game to .. skyrim runs on constant 60 fps sure :)

i haven't reinstaled windows after getting amd card ... i had nvidia card before .... i removed only old nvidia drivers ..... maybe i have to reinstall windows to remove nvidia drivers completly ? will it help ? or it's jsut a game bug ?
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  1. clock is at stock .... 925 ... my i7 950 is on stock speeds to but im sure cpu is not bottlenecking 7970 :) do i really have tore reinstall windows after old nvidia card ^^ ?
  2. darksalvatore said:
    clock is at stock .... 925 ... my i7 950 is on stock speeds to but im sure cpu is not bottlenecking 7970 :) do i really have tore reinstall windows after old nvidia card ^^ ?

    From what I've read, CPU bottlenecks are very common with BF3 on multiplayer. Are you getting this dips on multi-player maps? Also, the i7 920-950's have pretty low stock clocks. I notice some massive bottlenecking in a few games if I use stock. Risen 2 went from 40 FPS to 60-70 FPS minimums with an overclock at 3.8Ghz from 2.67Ghz stock.
  3. hm .. seems i have to try OC my cpu .... but i need good cooler for it :) on stuck cooler it will have terrible temps ..... but serious .. why cpu bottlenecks only karkand maps and nonkarkand maps run above 45fps all time ?
  4. ya maybe i will reinstall windos :) and yes i forget that gpu usega have to be 99% :) u have msi afterburner .. i just forget about it :) then i will try overlock to and see how it affects min fps :)
  5. BigMack70 so my card can clock to 1125 core clock ... and 1575 memory .... and it will be safe ya ? as i know i have to set power limit to +20% ya :) ?
  6. BigMack70 said:
    Yes. Just don't change any voltages. Overclocking without overvolting is perfectly safe even on reference cards. Overvolting is what will fry something.

    These cards overclock like champs with NO voltage tweaks. All the 7970's can run at 1125MHz gpu and 1575MHz memory easily. You will see a definite improvement over stock clocks. What 7970 did you end up getting? I do not know how the reference cooler works but with my XFX DD's I can run at max overclock on stock volts and with a custom fan profile of 60 % I hit a max 70 degrees during heavy BF3 gameplay.
  7. OCing the GPU should be easy. Don't increase the voltage and fry that beautiful new 7970. OCing the CPU for you will probably be more difficult due to your CPU cooler. Try the GPU OC and let us know what happens.
  8. usage is 99% ,,, so no cpu or ram bottleneck as i expect :) i7 950 does good job evne on stock lcocks :P i got 30 fps drops on karkand maps on stock clocks ;/ non karkand map like 45 .... 45 is fine but wtf is 30 dips ? it's only because karkand maps are abd optimized ?
  9. on overclocked 7970 i get 20-30 fps lol :))) i set on max memory and core clock :))
  10. okay i will test now :P
  11. same results .. i think i have to reinstall windows ;/ ...........
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