HD Radeon 7850 low FPS

I just got a Sapphire HD Radeon 7850. I know that ATI cards seem to not do that well compared to Nvidia when it comes to WoW, but when I set WoW to DirectX11 I get single digit FPS, maybe 10 at most. What the heck?! Is something else wrong here that I am not seeing? It doesn't matter if I have the details on Ultra or Low, it is single digits. Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.
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  1. Drivers up to date?
  2. 12.4 the newest release drivers there are.
  3. Is WoW severely CPU limited? Cause I still have the same old CPU. I thought though switching to DX11 would kind of make the game realize to unload all the work onto the GPU.
  4. I seem to remember WOW is much more CPU dependent than GPU. Try a different game like BF3, Metro, something that taxes the GPU more and see what happens.
  5. Indeed, WoW is a cpu hog and blizzard will not upgrade the engine.
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