Japanese psu AP-600GLX80+

Hi guys what do you think about this psu, a japanese friend gifted me this psu AP-600GLX80+:

The power rial is good enough for my 3570k@4.4 and my 7950 boost state?

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  1. I would highly recommend against using it. You are better of to spend the money on a high quality power supply, because they:
    1) are most likely component to fail
    2) When they fail, it can fry other things as well
    I would recommend a 750 watt seasonic or corsair,
  2. Thanks i think the same but im just curious cause japanese products has quality components. Ill try occt later on other value pc.
  3. A 550w PSU will be able to run an i5 3570k OC+Radeon HD7950 OC situation just fine as long as it's of decent quality.

    Only purchase a 750w PSU if you're planning to SLI/Crossfire with beefy GPU's (HD7950/GTX670 or HIGHER).

    But yes, other than that, JobJones is correct.
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    That Akutisu AQTIS AP-600GLX80+ looks like it's made by FSP based on the components used, circuit board layout and heatsink fin design.
  5. Oh really? Then it may be decent after all :lol: I didn't bother taking a closer look at it :sweat: Shame on me...
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