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Driver stops responding AMD and Nvidia help!

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
May 4, 2012 5:41:03 AM

So I've been helping a friend that recently built a PC. He is having trouble playing *any* PC game. Driver stops responding and the game crashes. Most of the time it recovers and returns him to the desktop with that smiling little prompt on the quickbar.

Build is as follows

* i5 2500k
* HD6870
* 1TB Seagate HDD
* ASRock P67 Extreme 4 Gen3
* NZXT Phantom
* 8GB Crucial Sniper DDR3
* 620W Seasonic modular PSU

He has since RMA'd the 6870 twice to no avail and recently bought an ASUS ENGTX570 with the triple slot cooler.

Reformatted multiple times.

Tested RAM one stick at a time. (Have no way to test with a fresh pair or RAM sticks)

Swapped PCI-E slots.

Installed KB961894.

Rolled back drivers several times.

Clean install of drivers.

Flashed to new 1.10 bios

Older HD4830 works completely fine in system and will play games perfectly. (obv not as well either of these target cards though)

Card works in another PC. Same problem with both AMD and NVIDIA cards. Must be a hardware problem with something else or a Win7 software problem...

Any ideas would be extremely helpful...