$400 Budget Gaming Built with Expandability

I am planning to make my first build, and I have a budget of around $400 including Windows 7. The main question I have, is which socket should I go with? I want something that will be future resistant, with much expandability. I want to run games well on high as well. Thank you in advance.
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  1. Anyone??
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    i suggest these PC component
    amd FM1 mother board
    A8-3850 cpu
    HDD seagate 500GB
  3. In the future will AMD release anymore CPUs for FM1?
  4. With a $300 budget for hardware due to Windows being ~$100. You are gonna have a really tough time finding anything that you can game on, assuming you want to game, and expand. Sorry.
  5. no AMD wont release any FM1 CPUs in the future but if you want something for the future you have to wait a month for A10-5800k which its a little bit faster than A8-3850
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