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Which PSU should I get?

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November 3, 2012 6:52:14 PM

I'm getting i5-3570k, AsusP8z77-v,2x4GB G.Skill RJs, Samsung F3, 3 to 4 fans, HD 7850 and 120GB SSD later. I think on one site it rated my power usage to about 300W? -340W? not sure. Budget around 60€ preferable.

I know LC-power is not in best regard here, but they got better than their initial PSU's and the reviews for Silent Giant 80Bronze 650W are pretty good-> LC6650GP3. I heard the performance is close to Corsair VX550W, but yeah... it has combined 45A on 12V. costs around 60€ (cheapest I saw it for 57) didn't see it compared to others though.

here are other options:

75€ ... SilverStone"Strider Essential" 600W

74€ ... OCZ ZS650W 650W

73€ ... OCZ Fatal1ty 550W

69€ ... AEROCOOL Strike-X Power 600W

68€ ... 550 Watt, ENERMAX NAXN, 80Plus

67€ ... ZALMAN ZM600-GT 600W

66€ ... CORSAIR CX600 V2, 80Plus-Bronze (weird mark dunno if tis V2 or the bronze one)

64€ ... CORSAIR Gaming Series GS500

64€ ... XFX PRO550W Core Edition

59€ ... SilverStone "Strider Essential" 500W

57€ ... CORSAIR CX500 V2?, 80Plus-Bronze and ANTEC VP550P (found CX500V2 for 53€)

55€ ... Cooler Master GX Lite Black 600W

I hope I didn't give too many options, but I tried to give companies I heard are good, just don't know about specific models. I think even 500W is enough for me? I really would like a reliable PSU, so what would be best bang for the buck? Can you give me some options? best absolute, best buy etc? (Quiet is a plus as well) For 70 or so it must really be MUCH better for me to consider buying it. Like One PSU to rule them all or stuff like that kind of better :D  (read in a thread that maybe Corsair CX series are not so reliable??)

Would appreciate it, I was reading a bit, but japanese conductors and dunno what conductors means nothing to me.

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November 3, 2012 7:46:25 PM

xfx 550w is my recommendation

anyways back to your rig

-id get a asrock extreme4 over the z77-v board since it has about the same features for cheaper
-id get a good SSD such as a samsung 830 or a vertex 4 128gb now and then add a hard drive to the rig later on. its much easier to add a hard drive to a system rather than adding a SSD to the system as you wouldnt need to reformat the drive, reinstall windows, and reactivate windows with microsoft
November 3, 2012 8:21:11 PM

Ohh forgot to include this one: this one is good company as well right?
65€ ... COUGAR A560

So XFX is the most reliable of the bunch? It is strong enough right, what if I happen to decide to get another HD 7850 (it is not very likely)!

Yeah I was banging my head as crazy for MOBO, but I will sleep better with ASUS :p 

Hmm good point on SSD. I do have some portable disk as well, so maybe it would work for the time being. is intel good as well?
98€ ... Intel 330 Series 120 GB
102€ .. Crucial M4 128 GB
107€ ... Samsung830 128 GB
110€ ... OCZ Vertex 4
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Best solution

a b ) Power supply
November 3, 2012 11:17:34 PM

xfx is the best out of them. made by seasonic

and id get the samsung right now even though the ocz is a bit better. its 3 euros cheaper
November 4, 2012 1:40:48 PM

Best answer selected by seankor.
November 4, 2012 2:07:20 PM

Ordered :)