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good day to all... i have a laptop with a windows vista 32 bit OS, and i want to change it to windows 7. But the dumb part was, i bought a window 7 premium upgrade version without knowing that it was a 64 bit. When i tried to run it, or even made it as an initial boot sequence, my OS did not recognized the cd. Is there something i can do to format my laptop, using only the cd i bought?
note: the only cd's i could use were my xp home premium (which was the original OS of my laptop, because some IT formatted it before and changed it to vista 32 bit and made some full clean on my drives, deleting even my recovery files) and the window 7 premium 64 bit... thanks in advance...
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  1. W7 comes on DVDs, if you have only a CDR/RW drive, it will not read it, you will need a DVDRW, or you could have a friend put the installation files on a USB thumb drive, and use the thumb drive to install W7. Since the OS doesn't see the disk and autorun W7, it sounds like you have a CDRW drive.

    If you have a DVDRW drive and someone has already worked on your machine, they may have changed the boot order of your devices in the BIOS. Upon power-on press the key that allows you open the BIOS - it may be Del key or the F2 key. Then change the first boot device to the DVDRW, save and exit, and insert the DVD into the drive. The computer should then boot to the installation DVD.

    If you bought the genuine W7, the box with the product key has two DVDs inside. One is for the 32-bit version and the other is the 64-bit version. You can use the product key for one, but not both.

    Before you install it, copy or backup your important files to another hard drive or to media.
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