Computer won't power on HELP!!!

My friend and I assembled his new pc today and nothing happens when we press the power button on the case. We've tried using another computers power switch and also using a hard drive jumper on the power switch pins. No dice. I've read that we should try to reseat the psu and the ram, but we installed a H70 water cooler and we're worried about messing up the thermal paste(we have only AC5 thermal paste which I've heard isn't as good as the stock sealant).

Any ideas? We're going crazy!!!!
i7 2600k
asus z77 sabertooth
EVGA gtx 670 ftw
crucial ssd
wd 1 tb hdd
16 gb corsair 1600 vengeance ram

Green power led on the mobo is lit but pc won't turn on.
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  1. what kind of power supply are you using?
  2. i have that motherboard. first off do you see any of the led come on..vga good and red ram led?? if there not turning on did you connect the extra 8 pin power(the plug on the top right side of the board above the asus logo near the read of the mb??
    did you use all the stand off that came with your case so your not shorting the mb out to the case??
    did you use a usb flash drive and install the new 0906 bios for the new cpu code?? the flash back button should work without a cpu all you need is power led on. have a usb stick in the flashback port and name rename the sabertooth flash bios i think is zs77st and the flash button will do the rest.
  3. are all the case button wires in all the way? they could be loose. they look like this if your motherboard has a power button then try that, the MSI Z77 GD55 has one. bottom right corner.
  4. Whewww(wiping sweat off of brow). Thanks for your replies guys. Figured out that it was the most ridiculous thing ever. Found on a site about checking the c-mos jumper position only to find out that the motherboard didn't even come with a jumper on it. Went ahead and put a jumper on the right pins and BAM! Fired right up! Apparently someone is quality control was asleep at the wheel.
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