GPU upgrade question

Would it be worth getting two of these?
I'm wanting to be able to run all games on max, and also to be able to record game play and stream game play.

My current build

CPU: i7 950
GPU: 4870 1GB
RAM: 6GB 1333 Trip Chan
HDD: 500GB (almost 5 years old, main HDD) and a 2TB
MOBo: ASUS X58 Sabertooth
PSU: 750w

Or pick something different and use some of the money to upgrade something else well? with promo code they are $170 ($140 with rebate), but $340 is bout my max.
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  1. Not sure lol. I guess I just wasn't sure if one of those is better than two of the other.
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    Maybe 2 6870 is better than 1 7870, but the 2 6870 will consume more, power generate more heat, big hassles on the installation, bugs like micro-stuttering and driver bugs. Better be save with one of the 7870 :)
  3. Thank you!
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  5. I would definitely agree with the above, amd's cards are notorious for bugs and things that piss people off when used in crossfire, so go for the 7870 for sure or else SLI with nvidia's cards, but depending on the card that may not be a good deal so i say go for the 7870, plus the card above is fairly cheap compared to its others and it has good cooling so you can overclock more possibly as well
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