Power supply issue, or something else?

This is my first post out here but I have trolled this site before looking for simple fixes to my hardware problems and for the most part they have all been solved, until now. I have been looking around the site for a "no boot" help page based on supply unit or a motherboard issue and I'm not sure where I'm actually at... I assume I'm just too frustrated to see straight at this. Thus, I would love any and all ideas to figure this one out.

Before I am spammed with it, I have seen the "no boot" thread, (, and I have read it thoroughly. I have also read the Gigabyte thread, (, since I own a Gigabyte board on this build.

Now on to my issue. I was able to run a test boot with the motherboard resting on the box and etc. However, since I have moved it to the case I have not been able to get a boot up (no fans or post beep). I have checked the standoffs to make sure there was no short, and while I did use an aftermarket cooler I didn't see any thermal paste on the CPU contacts. Furthermore, as I go to turn on the system my front intake fan's LED light will glow and go dead but no fan rotation.


For reference:

AMD FX-6100
Gigabyte GA-970A AM3+
Corsair 600W CMPSU-600CXV2
Corsair CMZ 8G (4G x 2)
Sapphire Radeon HD 6950
Rosewill Challenger
Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus
NZXT Sentry 2
Western Digital Caviar Green 500G

I think these are all the essentials. If you need any more specs, just fill in below. Any help would be appreciated. I am also following an interpretation of the format set forth by Proximon's "How to ask..." thread. If this format is too "wordy" I am sorry.
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  1. if the after market cooler was on outside the box and it posted once. check that the cooler or any mb pins are touching the computer case tray. the other place to check for shorts is case i\o shield. sometime the shield will short out a usb port or network card port or one of the fingers will be to long and short out the bottom of the mb. i would remove the case led one at time to see if one of them is pulling to much power and shorting out the mb and i would look to see if all the cables are connected right on the hard drive..sometime you can screw up and not connect the power plug on a sata right. also check that the 24 and 4/8 pin atx powers are in.
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    You have to use a aftermarket thermal paste between your CPU and CPU Cooler, or the CPU could fry or did i read that wrong ?

    You have a spare PSU to test ? might be bad when you hook up to much power to it, out side the box its only the 8 pin and 24 pins - the HDD fans dvd

    If not maybe a bad mobo

    I would triple check to make sure when its in the case you have the power cable snapped in tight , sometimes poeple dont get them snapped in right.
  3. I am really appreciating the help, guys. I woke up and have been testing your ideas.

    I do not have a spare power supply to test, as of now. There is a 750w on its way and should be here Saturday or Monday.

    I was able to get a post beep and a disk boot this morning by disconnecting the power supply from the mother board, but this boot so far has only occurred maybe 1/3 the time. This leads me to believe that the Corsair PSU I have is a faulty one.

  4. I should add that I still was able to run power to the other fans in my case via 4-pin connectors and that only my SSD had power running to it.
  5. that mb if the bios is older then f6 it have a hard time posting as it does not have the cpu code needed for that cpu.
  6. smorizio said:
    that mb if the bios is older then f6 it have a hard time posting as it does not have the cpu code needed for that cpu.

    My kids have that MoBo i think when i updated the bios is was F5
  7. Appreciate the help.

    I picked up a 650w PSU and it's running. Corsair has had dead units returned of this make and model so I am doing just that. I just purchased another PSU but for now I am running this system as gently as possible as the ATX I have installed is a bit of an antique. Fingers crossed until next week I suppose.
  8. Finally got my new PSU in the mail and Corsair said that the power supply I was using had a split in the twenty-four pin connector's wires somewhere. I was graciously refunded. Keep an eye out for any soft spots in your wiring for any breaks. Thanks again for the help.

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