I have a core i3 which server 2008 version do i need?

i have a core i3 212064 bit processor and want the 64 bit version of winserver 2008 i cant remeber the diff between amd64 and x86 but im think i need the amd64 version.

can anyone clarify? first or second?



thank you
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  1. From the download page:

    "Note that the files below are language-specific, where “EN” is English, “DE” is German, “JP” is Japanese, "FR" is French, and "ES" is Spanish. Files are also platform-specific, where “x86FRE” is intended for 32-bit platforms and “amd64FRE” is intended for 64-bit platforms."

    You want the one with 64 in the title.

    Note that those DVD images are for the Enterprise version. You normally would only want that for clustering or using a ton of RAM or more than 4 CPUs. So you probably want the standard edition.
  2. amd64 is the 64-bit version.
  3. As far as I know all desktop processors are 64-bit these days and will runboth 64-bit and 32-bit operating systems. The difference between operating architectures (x86/32-bit and amd64/64-bit) is how much memory it can handle, the 32-bit has a limit of 4GB whilst 64-bit can handle much more.
  4. 32 bit server systems can often use much more than 4GB of RAM. The real problem is how much memory 32 bit applications can handle, which is usually only 2GB or 3GB.
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