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I am running dual monitors and am trying to connect both monitors and my receiver (via HDMI) to my GPU. I can either run both monitors with no sound, or 1 monitor with sound through the receiver. BUT I CANNOT RUN BOTH MONITORS AND RECEIVER AT THE SAME TIME!!

I tried every which way through windows settings but it just wont work for me. Why wont windows recognize all 3 outputs at once?

Both monitors are hooked up to DVI, receiver to HDMI.

Any help will be great, thanks in advance.
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  1. Because you cannot output DVI/DVI/HDMI. It must be DVI/DVI/DP or DVI/HDMI/DP.


    I think it still applies to receivers.
  2. As stated above, one of DVI outputs uses the same bandwidth as the HDMI output. Therefore, you cannot use both DVI outputs and HDMI at the same time. This is by design.
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