New built computer won't boot up?!? (Noob)

So, I'm extremely new to computers, but have done a bit of research, bought some parts, and assembled a computer.

As soon as I am finished assembling everything, I encountered a problem (most likely regarding my construction of the system)

Asus p8z77-V LX
Intel i5 3570k
Ultra LSP 650W
Radeon HD 7770
some old SATA hard drive
some random CD drive
2x 8 gb corsair vengeance DDR3 ram

If needed, I can take pictures of connections and stuff on the mobo(I have none right now as it is dark and I will take pictures tomorrow during the day).

Problem analysis:
When everything is connected, the mobo LED turns on. This is as far as I can get.
I press the power switch, nothing turns on. I tried turning it on by taking a screwdriver and touching the two power switch pins, nothing happened. Had no paper clip to try paper clip test on PSU, but I tried switching PSUs, did not help. What are some potential problems?
-> 2-pin power switch connector from case connected to mobo where it says 'power sw', tried switching it because i mightve put it in upside down, didn't help.
-> Have tried switching the PSUs
-> I put a couple random cables into slots on the mobo that I thought they belong. It could help if someone told me which ones are specifically necessary for this to run? (2 pin power switch -> mobo, 24 pin psu -> mobo, 8 pin psu -> mobo near the cpu, 6 pin psu -> gpu) These are the only ones that make sense to me that I am sure of that I plugged in correctly. or think that I plugged in correctly.
-> Motherboard is not fully screwed in... could only get the 2 bottom screws and 1 middle screw in... very difficult to screw in everything, while assuring that the motherboard plate thing for the usb ports, ethernet, etc ports is aligned with the actual slots themselves, positioned dead centre in the space provided by the case.

This is all the information I can give. Help would be greatly appreciated. I have no idea what's wrong, and can provide pictures of things if you guys would need it to help me. Thank you so much for your time.
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  1. try clearing the cmos for about a minute then try to power up. it might take a few trys, i know because my asus p8 z77 v pro did the same thing.
  2. how exactly do I clear the cmos? and what is the cmos? >_>
  3. its just a small jumper near the power led on your motherboard. you can look it up in the instructions that came with your board for more info. once you do this i believe it will power up for you.
  4. sounds like your shorting the mb out on the case stand offs. the trick is make sure the i\o shield is in straight on the case.
    if it out or not lined up right the mb wont slide in and line up with the with standoffs. it also easy if you have somone slightly push in on the back of the mb as you line the standoff screws up. (make sure the stand offs are under the right holes on the mb). trick with mb is put the 4 edge ones in first then all the others will line up.
  5. Make sure you installed the Power Switch properly.

    It looks like this:

    and this

    Don't forget to read your Motherboard Manual.
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