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Hello everyone at Tom's hardware. I have recently bought a power supply and case from micro center, for a new build, only to find out that they do not work together. The two parts are the Antec Three Hundred Two Mid Tower case and the OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W power supply. I found out that when trying to put the power supply in the case I wasn't able to fit the power supply inside flush against the back of the case. Now I'm faced with the following question. Do I return the case or the power supply? Does the community have any suggestions?

Also is there any way to tell which power supply size will fit in a case without buying them and finding out the hard way?
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  1. PSUs are a pretty standard size, if the power supply is fit for purpose, send back the case get your money back (if you live in the uk you are entitled to this due to distance selling regulations) and buy a new case :) hope this helps. Another solution, is to buy a case with a PSU already with it.
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    Power supplies are universal, they should fit in any case that accepts an ATX power supply. Check is there are any warps or defects in the case or the power supply casing as well. Some cases only allow the power supply to be mounted one way (fan up in the case or facing down drawing air from the bottom outside) and it looks like the Antec case you have only allows the fan to face down so try that orientation. Just to be clear you mean the power supply will not press against the back of your case or something? If so it has to be some casing issue because power supplies are standardized to the ATX specification so there should be no reason it does not fit. Let me know if any of this helps.
  3. I tried again but with no luck. I just bought this power supply and case today and as far as I can see there are no warps or defects on ether part. To clarify I did put the fan in a face down orientation and it still does not press up against the back of the case.

    I have pictures but I'm not sure where to upload them. Does this place allow for picture uploads?

    Edit: Here they are:
  4. False alarm. Apparently the area it has to be pushed into is so tight that I just wasn't pushing hard enough. It worked out in the end.
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  6. Push it harder against the motherboard tray, the little triangular piece on the case is stopping it from going it, it looks to be a really tight fit.
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