What PSU for a Mini Tower?

Hi. I'm doing an ICT assignment and I need to find a small and suitable chassis. The Cooler Master Elite 361 seems to be perfect. I just need to find a PSU for it. Am I correct in thinking it will be an external one instead of a internal one as the case is so small? On the Cooler Master website it says in the Power Supply bit 'PS2'. It might sound daft but does that mean PlayStation 2?

Could you tell me the proper names for the PSU's for small chassis' like the Elite 361 and where I can buy them.

Thanks. ;)
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  1. it seems to take a regular PSU which mounts in the front under the CD drive

  2. PS/2 is the name of the form factor for normal ATX PSUs.
  3. What are you trying to power if i may ask
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