CPU Underperforming

Hey there, I have got severe performance problems with my computer:

AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series
AMD Phenom X4 9950 Black Edition, ~2,6ghz
4 gb of RAM

With almost all games I play (BF3,TF2,Tribes Ascend,CS:GO,) I´m dropping under 20-30 fps on low settings, i run 3DMark11 and got these results:

I have terrible physics and combined score, and it is also saying my graphic drivers are not approved, even though i have the 12.10 ones.

Then I looked around on my motherboard website and couldn´t even find my cpu in supported cpus ..
( http://www.asrock.com/mb/NVIDIA/N68C-S%20UCC/?cat=CPU )

Any help would be appreciated .

Also english is not my first language, so sorry for mistakes
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  1. Physx is for nvidia, if an ati card is present it will use software mode and this uses your CPU, even my i7 3770k has trouble doing this. disable physx in the game and it should run smoother.
  2. Didn´t find it in options menu in the game, so i uninstalled it with add/remove programs in control panels, but it didn`t seem to help. Any other ideas ?
  3. What resolution are you running your games? And just to add; your current CPU isn't the best for gaming, this is most likely holding you back.
  4. 1680x1050. It might not be the best for gaming but surely it shouldn't be that bad?
  5. Yes, you are correct. At that resolution, you should still be able to play BF3 with reasonable settings.

    I think I have found the problem, however. Your CPU is a Black Edition chip; this means that your CPU's TDP is 125w. Your motherboard can only support TDP's up to 95w. I am guessing that your motherboard is decreasing the CPU's performance to meet the highest TDP it can handle thus lowering overall performance.

    If you have CPU-Z, can you run something CPU-intensive and take a screenshot? I'm particularly interested in the clock speed your CPU is running at.


    Correction, your Phenom X4 9950 has a TDP of 140w, not 125.
  6. Thank you, that's exactly what I was expecting.

    I was curious to see what your clock frequency was when you were running a game since your 3DMark11 page said your CPU was running @ 1.2Ghz. This has now confirmed all my suspicions regarding your trouble.

    From this point on, I would like to know if you are able to spend money on your rig. And if you can, how much can you spend? A new motherboard/CPU will most likely be the most favorable option.
  7. Thank you, you have been great help.
    Hmm, I guess that the new motherboard would be a cheaper alternative, can you recommend me some solid ones that can support my current CPU ? Or do you think that is just more worth it to buy new CPU to be better prepared for future ?

    EDIT: Anyway its getting late, (2:30am here) I'm going to sleep and think about it in the morning. Thank you again for your help !
  8. Sleep tight :) And you're very welcome.
  9. It may be better to invest in a new motherboard+CPU combination from the get-go. Something like an AMD Phenom II X4 965 paired with an ASUS M5A97 will cost around $180 together. As long as you're currently using DDR3 RAM, there shouldn't be any issues with any additional purchases.



    Unfortunately, just plopping your CPU into a new board is not worth the cost. You will most likely have to go on Ebay or some other site to find an AM2+ motherboard to work with your CPU. AM2+ CPU's don't work with AM3 or AM3+ sockets if I remember correctly.

    On a side note, an equivalent solution to what I recommended would be to purchase an ASRock H77M Motherboard paired with an Intel Core i3 3220 CPU. The Intel solution will bring massive upgrade possibilities along with keeping great performance for the price.
  10. Hello, that CPU and motherboard look really great, but it looks like the mb won't work with DDR2 memory ?
  11. Unfortunately, no, it will not. In that case, here's a great kit of DDR3 for you - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231422
  12. Heh, my last question looks little bit dumb, I didn't notice that you said there should be no problems as long as I have DDR3 mem.
    Anyway I will buy some RAM from my local store, though they don´t have such a good deal, but only 4gb should still be enough for basically everything ?
    New CPU+Mb+RAM is bigger purchase then i was expecting at the beginning, I will try to get around to it.
    Could there be any more issues with new mb, like old drivers doing problems, or is there need to reinstall windows ?
  13. Do you already have a copy of Windows? If so, then you should have no problems. However, generally speaking, with every new motherboard, you will need a new copy of Windows. There may be a way to bypass this, however, I'm just not aware of any ways to do this.

    And yes, 4GB is generally enough for almost anything right now :) It's on the low end by today's standard, but 4GB of RAM will be more than enough.
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