Need help with Rig Construction

Hi guys. Okay, so I've planned to buy a new rig with these specs:

Intel Core i7 3770

Asus P8H77-m

Nvidia GeForce 660ti

Kingston HyperX 1x4gb 1600mhz

Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm 1TB


I need to have opinions on what budget-friendly PSU should I get and how much watts should it have. (about $47-$50)

Also, what models of chassis (budget-friendly please) should I take. Will they be able to take the performance of these specs? I'm not much familiar with hardware today, so I'm really asking for your help. Thanks a bunch!

(Also, please tell me if I'm missing something :D)
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  1. Well a general estimation of the power your rig uses would be around 300. I would urge you to get a power supply that is around 400-450 watts, its good to have extra room for future upgrades. Anyways I included a DVD drive in your build which consumes about 20-30 watts at load. In addition, if you are planning to game it may be wise to grab another ram stick (exactly the same). You are fine though at 4gb if your not playing the most demanding games like GTA IV while leaving your browser open and stuff like that. In addition I would say a good budget case would be the Cooler Master HAF 912.
  2. Thanks for the help! I'm planning to use it for gaming, although I won't multitask while doing such. (I played GTA IV before with an AMD Athlon X2, GeForce 9500GT and a 2GB stick) The case has a nice design, and is cost-wise too, so I'll look for it here. As for the PSU, I'll get a 450w, can never be too safe :D

    I have a question about the case. Is its stock fans enough to not let the rig overheat?
  3. It's stock fans will be enough since it has a intake fan in the front and an exhaust fan in the rear. However you would notice better temperatures if you make use of the side fan as a intake and the top fan as an exhaust. In addition, when I referred to GTA IV I was talking about maxing out the graphics which requires some pretty good hardware, I can barely play it on max with decent frame rates :P
  4. Oh, okay. So, 8GB would do the trick, right?
  5. Yep and would help your computer cope with upcoming games. Though don't mistake that for future proofing, anything can still happen. Who knows if they're going to make a DDR4 ram module tomorrow, technology is always going to be evolving.
  6. Okay, thanks!
  7. Not to bother, but I read that even only 1 GTX 660 ti needs about 450w of power, as advised by Nvidia. Are they just exaggerating this or is this really the big deal? One guy recommended a 700w PSU, which could literally blow a hole into my pockets.
  8. Nvidia and Ati exaggerate the power supply requirements since most people cheap out on power supplies. If I am correct then the GTX 660TI uses about 150 watts at MAX. SO you definitely don't need 700 watts unless you plan on doing SLI and even if you were you could go for 600 watts.
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