Computer crashes constantly !

hi all,
so i am about to throw my computer out the window and burn it :fou: ,
so here is the problem ... whenever i start windows it gets to the logo screen and halfway through it crashes or bluescreens .. now i thought a fresh install of windows was in order but when i tried to install it crashed on the logo screen just after the loading of windows files,
so i am now assuming that it is my hard drive but if anyone has an idea please help me

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  1. How old is the current configuration? Can you give more details about it?
  2. Blue screen is technically hardware related, you are justified in claiming it is the hard drive but it may also be ram related. Anyways try downloading UBCD and running the hard drive test. Once you download it burn it to a CD (using another computer) and run the hard drive test. I believe there is a RAM test on there as well, I haven't checked it myself though but there probably is.
  3. Probably your HDD, BUT If you could plug your HDD into another PC you could use a program like Seatools to test it. Very easy to run... Find it here...

    It could also be your motherboard, so test with seatools or similar program before jumping to conclusions...
  4. and unfortunately i dont have a CD drive anymore
  5. my config is :
    i5 3450(1 month old)
    gigabyte p67-ud3-b3 (1 month old)
    CF 6870's(1 month old)
    hyper 880w psu (2 years old)
    7.5 gig of random ram (1 year old)
    1tb spin point(3 years old)

    and i have run a memory test from where i once got it to start
  6. Oh yes, it would be helpful if you could post your entire build/ oem computer model. With that we can help you find replacement parts that are compatible IF your problem lies with the hardware. You could also download Hiren's boot disc, I have used it and its got almost everything in it like anti-virus scans.

    Edit: haha, you posted your build before I could ask you the question.
  7. Floppy disk drive?
  8. Need...More....Details
  9. nope no floppy drive and more details being ?
  10. Well the last option is do you have a USB drive? If you don't not sure how you can run diagnostic tools without any form of a reading device.
  11. well the ram test was included with the win7 installation ( on usb ) but i will try to get some of the programs you suggested to run on usb as well
  12. You also have the option of testing your hardware on another computer and see which one causes problems.

    Edit: Also how old is your hard drive, if its around 4-5 years or above then it seems its on its last feet.
  13. Make sure the HDD is properly connected to the PSU and the mobo.
    Then, run some diagnostics from a USB drive and see if you get any errors. I would say the HDD is trying to die on you, but you can check that with some diagnostics before you decide to replace it.
  14. luckily enough my buddy is visiting me today with his pc so will quickly try
  15. right so i put my hard drive into his pc and it came up with an error saying winload.exe was missing or corrupt
  16. I believe that's normal if you put a hard drive from another computer with an existing windows copy and put it into another. If not its your hard drive failing. I am not 100% sure with that since I have never received that message but I know drives have trouble when you switch builds.
  17. hmmm i know they have trouble but normally boot and this made no attempt at booting just went straight into the error but i will put it in as a slave and run tests
  18. I know this may seem a bit off topic but if you are feeling a bit under the weather (sad) you should watch this:

    Its about a rap battle about freddie mercury, thought i'd show you since you do have a picture of him. :lol:

    Edit: oh yes, its got a bit of harsh language, and a racial slur if you don't want to hear it its fine, but its all just for comedy. Anyways I recommend you run the diagnostic tools, those will tell you right off the bat if there is a problem.
  19. that was brilliant ... thanks lifted my mood abit
  20. rudi95 said:
    that was brilliant ... thanks lifted my mood abit

    Run Seatools and check for Hardware issue, winboot.exe is software related.
  21. when i install seatools it tells me to install .net framework 4 (or something like that) which is fine but when i install .net it finishes but when i click finish it says it crashed and couldnt install :(
  22. rudi95 said:
    when i install seatools it tells me to install .net framework 4 (or something like that) which is fine but when i install .net it finishes but when i click finish it says it crashed and couldnt install :(

    This is on your friends PC? I am assuming he is not fully updated?
  23. Try downloading this:

    After installing run seatools once again.
  24. no that was on my pc when i got it to turn on for a bit... and will try socialfox

    Edit: social fox i already tried to install that and it kept on failing
  25. Have you tried Hirens boot disc on your USB?
  26. well it seems to be running perfectly fine and maybe even better than before , here is what i did ...
    rebuilt my whole system
    fresh new install of graphics drivers
    ran chkdsk and that fixed a couple of things apparently
    BUT i will update tonight after some intense gaming and prime 95

    Thanks for all the help anyway

    EDIT: i also removed one gig memory
  27. a bit off topic but didnt want to start a whole new thread for a problem so small but ... one of my case fans failed for a bit (connected to a fan controller) then got it working but its a lot louder than usual ??
  28. if the fan is louder than usual that can only mean 1 thing.... the fan is operating outside of its standard RPM. Usually this occurs when the fan is plugged into the 3 pin fan connector. I believe having a fan plugged to the 3 pin gives it more power than a 4 pin... more power=more speed to the fan
  29. well i have always had it on full rpm with the fan controller and it was whisper quite hmm maybe the bearing needs cleaning
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