New CPU fan -and problems

Hi guys.

I bought hyper 212 plus for my computer, and after installing it, several problems have occurred.

1. When I turn off my computer, the fans still run while the monitor shuts off.

2. The computer shuts down and start back up when I hit the restart button.

3. The computer was only turning on, on its side (not sitting straight).

I have an i5 processor.

It's not a temperature problem, because my temps are cooler than ever. I have no idea what's wrong. Anyone have a clue?
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  1. Turning on while not sitting straight = Something is loose.
  2. thanks for replying. I think that what was causing that problem.

    For anyone who ever has my symptoms, I fixed it by clearing the cmos jumper. It was an motherboard problem, even though it's new...... -.-
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