I7 3770k help.

Hi people, i'm going to be building a new system to replace my ageing AMD system, all i can say is it is gonna be awesome.
So here is my setup, what i own and what i'm getting.
Intel i7 3770k
MSI Mpower z77 Big Bang
16gb 1600MHz vengeance ram (owned)
Asus Radeon 6850 (own one, planning on getting 2 extra).
800w PSU (owned).

My question is, will i be able to run the 3 crossfired 6850's? I have seen that there is room for 3 GPUs on the MSI Mpower Big Bang, so, will i be able to run 3 GPUs? Providing they're all the same?

Many thanks.
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  1. you can but i would not do it at all. if you sell that 6850 and use the money that you get and the money you would spend on the additional 2 6850s you could buy a 7950 and if you get a decent price for the 6850 you have now you could get a 7970. both are better options then cfed 6850s
  2. It's my understanding that the 6850 is limited to only two cards in Crossfire: http://www.guru3d.com/articles_pages/radeon_hd_6850_6870_crossfirex_review,1.html

    Also - I agree with cbrunnem - just get a single, powerful card instead.
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