Does gaming on a 3D display use more VRAM than on a 2D display.

I think that the title says it all. Does playing a game on a 3D monitor with the 3D enabled use more VRAM than playing without 3D enabled?

Say I have a two Radeon 6950 1GB cards in CF. I know that for 1080p, 1GB is almost always enough during 2D play. However, I just don't know if 3D would necessitate more VRAM.
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    I'd like a real answer to this myself. I tried to test it within Skyrim, but it was hard to get a clear picture. As I moved around, the memory usage was going up and down.

    From what I can tell, 3D Vision (should be the same as HD3D in this case), used a tiny bit more VRAM, but not a lot. It probably used more VRAM for two sets of frame buffers, but was able to share texture info for each eye.
  2. That makes sense. If the same textures would be used for the second eye, then it shouldn't need to load any more. Having another frame buffer for an extra mere 2MP frame (assuming it's 1080p) should only need a few MB more VRAM.

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