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About a week ago I set up a new gaming pc for my son. It has a Razer Anansi keyboard that seemed to instal fine in windows. He had previously been using it with a laptop and had configured the backlighting to remain on one colour rather than cycle through it's range of colours. The config software worked fine on the old laptop.

On first connecting the keyboard to the new gaming PC it had retained the single colour seting. Windows device manager recognised the keyboard as a Razer Anansi device.

This morning I installed the Razer Anansi application so the custom keys could be programmed. When I tried to start the application it reports "Anansi not connected" and closes however windows device managers shows the keyboard is connected and is "working properly" The keyboard has now reverted to cycling through the colours which is very annoying :cry:

I've tried a google search and see a few people have had a similar experience however none of the solutions seem to work for me.

Any ideas?


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  1. What have you attempted to do that they suggested? I have a razer anansi.

  2. Checked the BIOS - Intel Smart Connect Technoloy is disabled.
    Uninstalled and re-installed the driver
    Checked the device is recognised in windows device manager.

    Not keen on complete windows re-install!
  3. Have you gone through the registery and deleted the razer anansi? Just something else to do shrugs.
  4. You could try different usb ports as well shrugs just trying to think of everything.
  5. Tried different USB ports - haven't been game to mess with the registry yet.
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