Replacement for Radeon HD 5670

my wife's computer (Dell Studio) had the video card die on it. I'm looking for a replacement that will work with that computer, support dual monitors (which she currently has) and she does some gaming (single monitor gaming) so good FPS is important.
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  1. if your dell power supply doesnt have additional 6 pin pcie power connectors then go for 7750, if you have a single pcie power connector go for 7770
  2. What are your full system specs?(CPU,RAM,etc.)

    What is the make/model of the PSU?

    Are you looking to just replace the 5670 when a new one or did you want to get a better one?
  3. What's your price range?
  4. The system has 8G of memory. It was purchased in June of 2009.
    I'm not at the system right now, and the dell service tag site for the original config does not say what the psu is, not that I can tell, but yeah I can understand power supply being a concern.
    I'd like to have the card perform as well if not a bit better. Don't want to go over $125 for the card, since we plan to get another computer in the next 6 months (but will still use this one and have it is an emergency spare).
  5. The dell Studio was the mid-range line. It's likely either a 325W or 375W power supply. That is average, not max, so it's more equivalent to a 500 or 600W. I have worked with Dell PSU extensively. If you don't have an extra power adapter (likely scenario given that it is Dell), so the 7750 is probably your best option. I'm seeing them for around $105-110.

    A quick internet search of your particular Dell Studio model and the card you are thinking of installing will usually reveal whether or not the combination is possible.
  6. The Radeon HD 7750 is the ideal card to get. It is more powerful than the older HD 5670 and it also uses less power.
  7. Do you know what processor it is?

    I would also suggest the 7750.It is about 15%-20% faster than the 5670 while consuming about 5 watts less.

    Asus 7750
  8. Looks like an HD 7750.
    Looking on the web I see there are different makers of the card. Sapphire, Gigabyte. And some of them (by the pictures) look like some only have one DVI connector and others have two (two is my pref).
    Recommendations on which of the HD 7750?
  9. You could always use a HDMI to DVI adapter but that's about $10 on it's own.You'd be better off buying this beast instead.

    XFX 7750

    Just be sure you have enough room in the case.Most of the 7750's are about 8.5"+.
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    HD 7750 is your card. I like this model. Had an HD 5670 with that same cooler for a year and loved it.
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