CX430 vs CX430 V2

Ok here we goes.

i found out these psu are similar and similar wattage and outputs. so, whats the differences? the CX430 V2 is bit more expensive compare to CX430.
is it enough to powerup my rig if im going to use sapphire radeon hd 7750, if possible, low-profile?

mobo: n68c-gs fx
cpu: AMD Sempron 140 oc to 3.48GHz (i know his will bottleneck. if enough budget, will buy amd fx-4300 or at least athlon ii x2 240)
ram: 1x 2GB ddr2 (will buy 2X2GB ddr3-1366)
hard drives: 2X normal HDD (old hdd)
graphic card: Radeon HD 4350 oc to gpu@725MHz vram@480MHz (will use hd 7750, if possible, low profile version from sapphire)
usb power usage: 1X table fan
pc fan case: none (thats why i use table fan instead and open case)
windows: win7 ultimate 32bit (dont worry. i have 64-bit os installation if upgrade my ram)

can you explain these psu? any user for these psu are great. im going to use it for at least 3 years.
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  1. According to Hardware Secrets:
    As mentioned, internally this unit is identical to the original Corsair CX430, with the exception of the active PFC transistors and +12 V rectifiers, which were upgraded

    And also the V2 has the 80plus cert.Often this is more or less for marketing nevertheless i would go for the V2 due to the newer technology implemented on some parts of the psu.
    As for the 7750, it doesnt need an auxilary powersupply.
  2. There is even a newer revision of the CX series.
  3. Ya. The CX430 Bronze now. I would say they modified some minor stuff to get the average efficiency up a tad. The CX430V2 was actually a % or 2 from the bronze rating so the differences should be minor / insignificant.
  4. There was also stuff with the caps and soldering. :P
  5. so, do you think cx430 is better than cx430 v2 in terms of quality, but cx430 v2 are more efficient than cx430 in terms of efficiency, right?
    should i buy the v2 edition or just cx430?
  6. yeah. so my buy list would be cx430 v2. just search my available store about 10km from here... no can do. not even have cx*** series... only got gs series... too expensive to me. lots of cooler master extreme power plus series. not buying those. want to order online, i dont know how and i only got cash...
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