No power to my pc at all

ok so as the issue goes the bracket that held my old motherboard fan in place snapped in a manor that it would no longer hold the fan securely. so ive been out and bought a new fan compatable with my motherboard which is an asus NF520-A2 ver 6.1, ive fully disconnected the motherboard and fitted the new fan i also bought a new graphics card and checked the compatability with my powersupply and motherboard, ive put all the wires back in what i thought was the respectable place. heres where my problem lies... i now have no power to the computer at all. can anyone advise or suggest what i should do. im completely baffled
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  1. Does the motherboard light up? Should be a green light in the corner.
  2. no it doesnt theres no power at all i dont see any damage to my power supply either, but im guessing the issue is there
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