Better gaming laptop?

I finally decided between for the following laptops:
for your reference the model names are: hp pavilion dv6-6151tx


hp pavilion dv6- 7010tx

Because dv6-6151tx(i7 2670qm) has got 4gb cpu ram and 2 gb gpu ram(amd 6770m), whereas dv6-7010tx (i7 3610qm) has got 6 gb cpu ham and same 2 gb gpu ram(nvidia 630m)

Which one should I opt for?
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  1. I would go with the hp pavilion dv6- 7010tx since it has the brand new 630m graphics chip from Nvidia and it has the better cpu. It also comes with more system ram (6gb).
  2. Well I vote for the dv6-6151tx

    If you really want to do gaming only the i7-2670QM processor will do fine. Yes 630M is a newer GPU, but Newer doesn't mean better and 630M is a lower end GPU. 6770M is somewhat a mid-range GPU.
  3. thanks for your views.. I heard FSX mostly relies on the CPU so I think I should go with it. :)
  4. My vote goes for dv6-6151tx as well. The graphics card in it is way better. Also, 3610QM isn't much more better than 2670QM, just a little bit. However, the graphics card difference is big.
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