Can this PSU run a GTS 450?


I've been having problems with my graphics card so I had this PSU recommended:
Antec 520w Continuous Power, 40a on a single +12v rail.

My card is a GTS 450 and is plugged in with a six-pin connector.

I'm having freezing problems - main thread for that here:

Should this PSU be able to run the card adequately?
I also have an Intel Core 2 Quad CPU which at peak takes about 200w so I think it should be okay?
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  1. Easily
    Would take a hell of an overclock for a Q6600 to get anywhere near 200 watts, it's got a TDP of 130 watts and you can't overclock it

    Saw your other thread, could have asked this there
  2. delluser1,
    thanks for the reply, that relaxed me a little. I must've found the wattage for the CPU from an incorrect source then.

    I created another thread because I felt this was different from the other thread - I am asking another question. It would also not need anyone to feel the need to read through the whole description before answering. Sorry.
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