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Temp folder (Access denied)

I created a folder called temp on my C drive, Now I can't get access, I am the admin on my computer. I even tried using the built in Admin account but still no access. Any idea how to get in to it, or even delete it.
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    Can you take ownership of it? (Right-click/Properties/Security/Advanced/Owner.)
  2. No, i can't. it said "unable to display current owner" and when i click on a user name to change it nothing happens.
  3. You did click the "Edit" button?
  4. Yeah I did, and it said I don't have access when I tried to apply the changes in the window.
  5. I just did a reboot, and I now have access. I couldn't restart before because I was rendering an animation in Maya, and i really didn't think a reboot would have worked anyways. It must have been some weird glitch or something, that was fixed with a reboot.

    Thanks for your help anyways.
  6. i also couldn't change permission with administrator.rebooting worked fine.
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