I3 3220 bottleneck?

hi i have an i3 3220 with stock everything and i am planning to buy a gpu will this be bottlenecked by it:
i have a 500watt psu and 4 gigs of ram at 1600 mhz 9 cas please any help my budget is 230 +- 10 buck please any advice will help
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  1. Definitely not; an i3 3220 can handle anything up to a GTX670 (Radeon HD7970 equivalent) without any severe bottlenecks :)
  2. It will be fine. My Phenom II is as good as the the i3 in most games. My 7870 is very happy with it.

    What PSU are you using? Now theres a potential issue. You want a good quality power supply always, even if you're not running higher end components.
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    Bottleneck vs Lower Performance:
    Your CPU won't exactly "bottleneck" any games (i.e. when a GTX660 and GTX670 give the EXACT same performance due to the CPU bottleneck) you can get a lower frame rate than a better CPU and identical graphics card, especially compared to a quad-core i5-3570K, overclocked, in a game like StarCraft 2 which can be CPU intensive.

    There's nothing wrong with the card you chose, especially with the free games.
  4. RAM:
    It's not critical, but if you can increase your RAM it would help in some cases. 8GB is standard for gamers. I wouldn't recommend it if it wasn't so cheap.

    If you have 2x2GB with two extra slots, perhaps buy two more sticks of IDENTICAL RAM. Again, not a big deal.

    Feel free to ask ANYTHING related to computers or gaming.
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